"Lauren is an excellent teacher. After hearing me play for just one lesson, she knew exactly how to improve my playing. Her excellent understanding of the fundamentals and involved teaching method really propelled me as a player forward in a short amount of time. Lauren would make an excellent teacher for any prospective low brass player."

“Lauren is, hands down, the best teacher I’ve had as of now, and I’ve made significant progress under her.”

“Lauren Casey-Clyde is an excellent teacher and musician. She not only helps you with technique but shaping and phrasing as well, which sets you apart from the average musician. She challenges you with difficult music then guides you to play it better than you ever thought you could. In addition to that, she is an extremely kind and motivational person. I would highly recommend her to any euphonium or trombone players out there.”

“A very hard-working and dedicated teacher.”

Teaching Testimonials

Teaching Philosophy

My primary goal of teaching music is to help my students develop a strong passion for music and guide them to become independent, creative thinkers and problem solvers. This includes learning how to sacrifice and devote massive amounts of time for the pursuit to the craft, and the art of being patient and putting in daily work. I ensure that I scaffold instruction so the students receive technical instruction in layers they can build upon, and assign music that aids their technical demands. As students mature in their instrument fundamentals, my goal is to guide them to be as musical as possible, through ear training, singing, teaching how to listen, and how to maximize virtuosity. In the most advanced stages, I guide students to become their own teacher, so they can become masters of practice and performance and develop their own identity as a musician.

Private Lesson Teacher



I currently teach private lessons in Austin TX, primarily at Covington and Murchison Middle Schools in Austin ISD.

I previously taught lessons full time in the Santa Clara County, CA, in which I worked with students ages 10-21 years old. I taught lessons at Saratoga High School, Lynbrook High School, Buchser Middle School, Homestead High School, Cupertino Middle School, Dartmouth Middle School, and Redwood Middle School

Brass Clinician

I serve as a brass clinician around many schools in the San Francisco Bay Area, including:

  • Saratoga High School

  • Lynbrook High School

  • Branham High School

  • Mitty High School

  • Redwood Middle School

  • Buchser Middle School

Marching Band & Drum Corps Teaching

I currently serve as brass staff at the Santa Clara Vanguard Drum and Bugle Corps, along with the Vandegrift High School Marching Band.

  • 2018 Brass Staff - Blue Devils 'B' Drum & Bugle Corps

  • 2018 Brass Staff - Saratoga High School Marching Band

  • 2018 Brass Staff - Lynbrook 'Vikings' High School Marching Band

I currently reside in Austin, TX where I teach and freelance.  Please subscribe on social media to follow my music!

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Lauren Casey-Clyde Music © 2017  All Rights Reserved     Photography by Jeffrey Arredondo