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Welcome to my low brass studio!

I teach private lesson around the greater Austin area. I work with beginning through collegiate students, and create a personalized curriculum that can set students up for success. 

Teaching Philosophy

Private lessons are the key the a students consistent progress in a band program. I prioritize musical literacy, ear training, and a great emphasis on technical ability to be able to make music at the highest level. I train my students to think critically during their practice and cultivate the skills of problem solving, prioritizing, and achieving small daily goals. 

About Private lessons

I teach both in-person in Austin, TX and online over zoom

Rates are determined by lesson length and location

Lesson duration will be determined by student's age, ability, and goals

I primarily teach trombone, euphonium and tuba students

All private students must sign a Lesson Agreement Form to consent to studio policies 


“Lauren is, hands down, the best teacher I’ve had as of now, and I’ve made significant progress under her.”

                 - Luke

“Lauren is an outstanding instructor. She is very passionate about music teaching and performance. Some of the things I appreciate about her are her great communication skills, patience, encouragement, and a real desire to help her students excel in music. My son said she was always very positive, helped give him focused practice methods and instruction and, most importantly, inspired him to take his performance to the next level. I would highly recommend Lauren!” 

                                                         -  Carol

“She not only helps you with technique but shaping and phrasing as well, which sets you apart from the average musician. She challenges you with difficult music then guides you to play it better than you ever thought you could. In addition to that, she is an extremely kind and motivational person.”  

                                                   - Sayaka

"Lauren is an excellent teacher. After hearing me play for just one lesson, she knew exactly how to improve my playing. Her excellent understanding of the fundamentals and involved teaching method really propelled me as a player forward in a short amount of time. Lauren would make an excellent teacher for any prospective low brass player."

                                                          - Tyler

"My son started learning euphonium at the beginning of this school year and, not only has made great progress, but also is enthusiastic about the instrument and music as a whole, proof that Miss Lauren is a tremendously talented instructor and her love of music shows in the results.  Daniel is now looking forward to joining the advance band and continuing with Euphonium.


To us, the importance of leading kids into the wonderful world of fine arts is as much as that of teaching the skills, if not more.  And for that, Miss Lauren has exceeded our expectations far beyond imaginations.”

                                                                                  - Song

“Under Lauren's guidance and instruction, our high school age son showed significant progress within 1 year of private instruction with Lauren.  His tone and vibrato was developed with noticeable improvement. He always came home after the lesson motivated and in good spirits.  She is a quick and efficient communicator and always has her students best interest as a priority."


Educational Lesson Materials
  • Fundamental Packet (provided for all students)

  • Method and Etude books used

    • Tanner: Student Instrumental Course

    • Arbans: Complete Method

    • Edwards: Lip Slurs

    • Edwards: Intermediate Trombonist

    • Bordogni/Rochut: Melodious Etudes

    • Cimera: 55 Phrasing Etudes

Online Resources
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